Parweld XTM 255i Synergic Mig Welder C/W Torch & Regulator

1,495.95 Inc Vat



Parweld XTM255i-P1 Multi-process synergic MIG Machine with Trolley, work return lead, gas hose, XP200A 4M long Mig Torch & Gas Regulator (dual Voltage) 

The Parweld XTM 255i is the brand new, dual voltage, single phase inverter MIG welder. This Multi-process MIG Machine can also deliver Lift TIG and MMA, so you can get all your favourite processes in one system. This high-performance inverter is suitable for use with a 5kg (200mm) or 15kg (300mm) wire spool and puts out 250A of power. The XTM 255i MIG is also suitable for welding materials with ease using anywhere between 0.6 – 1.2mm MIG wire. Suitable for everyone from absolute beginners to professionals with decades of experience!

Infinite control of both volts (MIG Range: 14.5 – 26.5V) and wire feed speed allows the user to adjust parameters to achieve optimum settings for the perfect weld. LED digital display show all parameters in real time for quick, easy, and accurate adjustment of weld settings.  A settings chart inside the wire feed door show quick and easy reference voltage and wire feed settings for optimal set up.

Smart switching (automatic switching between 110V and 230V) on board this welder for extra efficiency. Fitted with a set of quality 4 roll wire feed rollers, ensuring hassle free and smooth wire feed with even the most delicate MIG wire materials. A set of 0.8/1.0 V groove rollers comes included with the standard machine.

2T/4T control functions available. 2T is a simple press-on/lift-off button control, which keeps the current running when pressed down and cuts power when not. 4T is a system where, once the button is pressed, the arc will stay running until the button is pressed again, making it ideal for longer welding runs.

An industry-standard euro torch connection allows the use of all good quality MIG torches. P1 Package supplied with the Parweld XP200A 4 metre MIG torch.

Perfect for in the workshop the Parweld XTM 255i is supplied pre-built on a trolley, complete with a drawer and an integrated gas bottle shelf behind the machine.  Oversize wheels allow for easy manoeuvring on rough workshop floor surfaces.

The XTM 255I supports lift TIG functionality, with a connection for a switch plug and a gas connection.  Many machines with Lift TIG functionality do not have these features.  Gas is often controlled via a manual gas valve on the torch which can be fiddly and waste gas!  Press the trigger on the optional TIG torch to start pre flow and start the weld and finish the weld when releasing the button. 

Weld Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, or flux cored gasless

110V / 230V single phase
Duty cycle:
230V 250A @ 25%
110V 140A @ 100%
4 roll drive wire feeder
Infinitely adjustable voltage (14.5 – 26.5V)
Burn back control
Polarity switching for running gasless or solid MIG wires.
Adjustable inductance.
Choose between manual set up or synergic
2T – Hold button in to weld and release when finished
4T – Press and release to start, press and release to finish
Fan on demand for quiet and energy efficient operation
Takes 5KG or 15KG MIG wire spools
Supplied with Parweld MIG torch (XP200A 4m)
3 year no quibble return to base warranty
Manufactured to IP21S, ISO/IEC 60974-1, ISO/IEC 60974-6 and RoHS Compliant

Product specifications
Style Portable
Machine Type Inverter MIG/TIG/MMA
Voltage Range MIG 14.5-26.5V
TIG 10.4-20V MMA 20.4-30V
Spool Size 300mm (15kg) 200mm (5kg)
Feed Box 4 Roll
Wire Size 0.6 – 1.2 mm
Duty Cycle 250A @ 25%
Input Voltage 110V / 230V (Smart Switching)
Maximum Current 140A / 250A
Input Current (Eff)
MIG – 32.6A @110V / 17.8A @230V
TIG – 24.8A @110V / 12.9A @230V
MMA – 31.4A @110V / 19.1A @230V
Minimum Fuse Rating 32A @ 110V / 20A @ 230V
KVA 8.8
Generator Size 10 KVA
Enclosure Protection IP23S
Dimensions (LxWxH mm) 660 x 280 x 500
Weight (kg) 23


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