WELDMIG Brazing MIG C9 Welding Wire 5KG – 0.8MM

189.99 Inc Vat



  • The automotive and light fabrication industries now recognise the importance of MIG Brazing in the repair of collision damaged vehicles and some fabricated items. New welding procedures will now include the joining of high strength and galvanised materials utilising the MIG Brazing process. Cebora are at the forefront in the development of high quality welding equipment with the MIG Brazing function approved by leading vehicle and industry manufacturers.
  • Recent changes to material types along with application requirements have made MIG Brazing ever more popular for solving some welding issues. MIG Brazing involves the non-fusion joining of certain materials requiring reduced effects of heat transfer in the weld zone, it allows the joining of dissimilar, galvanised and high strength steels through the MIG deposition of a low temperature Copper Silicon Brazing filler wire. There are various types of Brazing filler wire, however, the automotive and light manufacturing sectors generally use a 3% Copper Silicon wire commonly known as Cusi3.

WELDMIG CuSi3 is a copper wire containing 3% silicon and 1% Manganese used for welding materials of similar composition e.g. copper alloys, brass & steel. It is commonly used within the motor industry for welding of zinc coated steel.

  • Fully Certified
  • BS 2901 1990 PT3 C9 CuSi3

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