STEALTH 175LT DIGI-ARC 160Amp Inverter 230V (9021H)
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STEALTH 175LT DIGI-ARC 160Amp Inverter 230V (9021H)




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The latest 160 amps MMA inverter welder from from Stealth Comes With 3-year warranty.


Digital display, Hot start, Lift/Tig facility, power factor control which helps stabilise and smooth out the input supply.
rugged internal support frame, generator friendly, ideal for site work and supplied in carry case with accessories and carry strap. IGBT technology.

This inverter will weld up to 160 amps and use up to 4mm electrodes (please go to the Electrode section for different size electrodes)

  • Input Power 240 volt (single phase) + or – 10%
  • Fuse Rating 15 Amps
  • Generator Required 8.5 KVA
  • Output Power 10 – 175 Amps
  • Duty Cycle 175 Amps 40%, 135Amps @ 60%, 105 Amps @100%
  • Weight 4.5 KG
  • Dimensions 290 x 135 x 220 mm
  • Electrode Size 1.6 – 4 mm
  • 3mt Cable, Dinze Plug + Earth Clamp
  • 3mt Cable, Dinze Plug + Electrode Holder



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