SIP CSW25P Column Spot Welder Watercooler

1,159.00 Inc Vat



For use with the SIP CSW25P Pneumatic Column Spot Welder, this easy-to-use watercooler helps increase the duty cycle of welding electrodes, and supporting the continuous running of the spot welder.

With built-in water level indicators and water connection points, the SIP CSW25P Watercooler is easy to maintain and makes for a neat and convenient addition.

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  • Force Air Cooling Fan: keeps the internal heat exchanger cool at all times
  • Compact Coolant System: heat exchanger consistently maintains coolant at optimal temperature, meaning only a 5ltr coolant reservoir is required
  • Easy to Maintain: transparent water level indicator, allowing refills when needed
  • Quick Use: water connectors positioned at the back for quick connection to the SIP CSW25P Pneumatic Column Spot Welder
  • SIP 2-Year Standard Silver Warranty

Technical Information

ITEM NO. 25125
Input Supply: 400v 50Hz
Water Flow Rate: 200ltr/hr
Water Reservoir: 5ltr
Net Weight: 21.50kg
Gross Weight:
Product Dimensions: 240(H) x 260(W) x 690mm(D)
Packaged Dimensions:


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