SIP 5ltr Pressure Washer Detergent

18.99 Inc Vat


SIP Industrial

Full Specification

The SIP 5ltr Pressure Washer Detergent is a quality concentrate cleaner specially formulated for the heavy-duty cleaning and removal of stubborn traffic film, heavy greasing, and ingrained soiling among others, particularly on vehicle assemblies.

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  • 5ltr heavy-duty pressure washer concentrated cleaning detergent
  • Specially formulated for effective cleaning and removal of traffic film, heavy greasing and ingrained soiling
  • Perfect for use with vehicle assemblies including engines and chassis
  • Designed for a wide range of premium SIP Pressure Washers

Technical Information

ITEM NO. 02385
Designed For: Pressure Washers
Bottle Size: 5ltr
Net Weight: 4.75kg
Gross Weight: 5.00kg
Product Dimensions:
Packaged Dimensions: 280(H) x 185(W) x 130mm(D)


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