SIP 14″ Abrasive Cut-Off Metal Saw
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SIP 14″ Abrasive Cut-Off Metal Saw




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Full Specification

The SIP 14″ Abrasive Cut-Off Saw is built to deliver solid, safe, and secure cutting in the workshop. Designed for frequent day-to-day use, the whole team can cut with confidence, helping to keep production moving.

This plug-and-play solution has been designed to cut all ferrous metals quickly, plus it’s outstanding portability makes it an essential addition to any workshop.

Applications & uses | Delivers rough cutting of metals for day-to-day use in the workshop and support preparation of daily cutting lists. Ideal for on-site as well as manufacturing fences, gates, railings and trailers.

SIP 2-Year Standard Silver Warranty | Find out more

Adjustable cutting angle
Maintains a quality finish with every pass of the disc. From 0° to 45°, the integrated mitre function allows users to adjust the angle of the metal for assured performance with each job.

Adjustable heavy-duty vice
Versatile and secure for greater metal handling, cut with confidence by using equipment designed for the job. Whether it’s solid bar, tube, or angle, the heavy-duty vice holds securely so users can cut quickly and safely.

Easy-to-replace abrasive disc
The quick flip guard gives users access to the retaining bolt which can be easily removed with the wrench supplied and housed on the saw base. This helps to minimise downtime when it comes to replacing the disc.

Robust base for improved stability
The solid and robust base enables frequent handling by workshop teams. Users can feel assured that when the sparks are flying, the base will support you through the whole cut.

Stronger head support with industrial grip ‘n’ trigger
Exert the necessary pressure required to get through the cut reliably. With the build quality you’d expect from the SIP brand, anyone in the workshop team can process cuts quickly and safely.

Technical Information

ITEM NO. 01307
Input Voltage: 230v (13A)
Motor Power: 2300w
Motor Speed 3800rpm
Abrasive Disc Size: Ø 14″ (355mm)
Cutting Capacity: @ 0° @ 45° @ 90°
Round Tube: 130mm 110mm N/A
Square Box Section: N/A 90mm x 90mm 120mm x 120mm
Rectangular Box Section: N/A 100mm x 80mm 180mm x 85mm
Angle Iron: N/A 90mm x 90mm 130mm x 130mm
Net Weight: 16.34kg
Gross Weight: 17.90kg
Product Dimensions: 480(H) x 570(W) x 400mm(D)
Packaged Dimensions: 430(H) x 600(W) x 370mm(D)

Additional information


110V, 230V


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