SIP 10″ Swivel Head Pull-Down Metal Bandsaw

3,699.95 Inc Vat


SIP Industrial

The SIP 10″ Swivel Head Pull-Down Metal Bandsaw uses a powerful gearbox-driven system with manual or semi-automatic feed control to comfortably accommodate individual and larger cuts, with repetitive cutting made simpler via a quick release vice.

Perfect for trade and professional applications.


  • Pedestal-mounted swivel head with versatile cutting options
  • Manual and semi-automatic feed for smaller and larger cuts
  • Cast iron swivel bow for high accuracy and reduced vibration
  • Cast iron vice with quick release for repetitive cutting
  • Adjustable ram dampener for smooth descent and control

Full Specification

The SIP 10″ Swivel Head Pull-Down Metal Bandsaw provides heavy-duty cutting performance of a range of metals in trade and professionals environments via a powerful gearbox-driven system.

Versatile cutting options offer manual and semi-automatic feed control ideal for individual cutting or more automated operation for larger cuts.

Not only this, but durability is also superior, with an adjustable ram dampener and integrated coolant system providing improved blade life.

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  • Pedestal-mounted swivel head pull-down handle with control switch
  • Manual or semi-automatic feed control to cater for different requirements; manual for individual cutting and semi-automatic operation for larger cuts
  • Cast iron swivel bow for reduced vibration and increased accuracy, plus quick angle adjustments up to 60°
  • Adjustable hydraulic ram dampener to aids smooth cutting descent and control, simultaneously aiding blade performance
  • Cast iron vice with quick release handle is perfect for repetitive cutting
  • Coolant system extends blade life area and cools the cutting area
  • Integrated safety feature with 24v control circuit
  • SIP 2-Year Standard Silver Warranty

Technical Information

ITEM NO. 01524
Input Supply: 230v (13A)
Motor Power: 1.1kW (1.5hp)
Operating Speed: 72mtr/min
Blade Size: 27mm x 0.9mm x 2455mm
Max. Cutting Capacity: Circular;
90°: Ø 227mm
60°: Ø 90mm
45°: Ø 150mm
90°: 260mm x 110mm
60°: 85mm x 85mm
45°: 150mm x 125mm
Net Weight: 219.50kg
Gross Weight: 274.50kg
Product Dimensions:
Packaged Dimensions: 1015(H) x 1440(W) x 710mm(D)


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