DIAGER SDS-Plus Drill Bit 5.5mm x 210mm
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DIAGER SDS-Plus Drill Bit 5.5mm x 210mm



PRODUCT CODE: 113D05.5L0210

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DIAGER SDS Plus Speed Hammer Drill Bit

  • SIZE: 5.5MM
  • LENGTH : 210mm
  • Designed for fast and efficient drilling in granite, brickwork, concrete and breeze block, especially with cordless drills
  • The single flute design ensures faster dust removal and lower vibrations and 28 percent greater capacity meaning more efficient waste removal for increased drilling speed
  • The Patented extra short drill bit head means the head takes 80 percent of the workload, ensuring higher durability and speed
  • The pressed carbide tip allows for aggressive cutting
  • Made with a Chrome Vanadium Body with high carbon content which allows more hardening and a stronger bit for maximum rupture strength



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