CROS ARC Elite 400Amp DC HF Tig Welder C/W 4Mtr Parker Torch (3 PHASE)

2,899.00 Inc Vat




  • The CROS-ARC 400 DC HF is the latest technology 415v generator compatible inverter based power sources incorporating a full function microprocessor control panel, allowing complete adjustment of all welding parameters including current, pulse, slope, frequency control and wave form selections.
  • This machine is water cooled as standard and is supplied with a cylinder trolley, torch and earth return. It is the perfect solution for all industrial applications and is ideal for welding a wide variety of materials including Mild Steels, Stainless Steels, Aluminium, Titanium and Copper.


  • Water cooled, Pulse Frequency= 200Hz, HF start, LIFT start mode, PULSE, 2T/4T, Slope up/ down, Pre/Post gas, Generator compatible, MMA function, ARC force for MMA, Hot start.




  • Model No. Elite 400DC HF
  • Power Supply (+10% /-10%) 415v 3Ph
  • Fuses A T32
  • Regulation field in TIG AC 10– 400A
  • Regulation field in MMA AC 10- 400A
  • TIG Duty Cycle @60% 400A
  • MMA Duty Cycle – @60% 400A
  • MMA Electrode Size 1.6 – 6.0mm
  • Protection Class IP23
  • TIG Ignition HF/ LIFT
  • Weight 25 KG
  • 2 Year Warranty (Parts and Labour)

Package includes:

  • 4 Metre SGT18-12 TIG Torch
  • Trolley,
  • Water cooler
  • 3 Metre Earth Lead,
  • Gas Hose


  • Remote Foot Pedal (CAP0280)
  • MMA Leads

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