BACHO BH12000 2T Extra Low Entrance Trolley Jack

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Bahco BH12000 2T Extra Low Entrance Trolley Jack


Bahco BH12000 Extra Low Jack with an extra large round shaped foot pedal for quick approach makes it safe and comfortable to use. A shunting jack belongs to the standard range of every mechanic. Thanks to its low under-ride height, this model by Bahco is ideal for lifting and moving vehicles and other heavy loads. With its four wheels, you manoeuvre it very easily and quickly. Even if the jack has a high load capacity of 2 tons, it may yet come to an overload. The integrated safety valve, which does not lift the jack when carrying heavy loads, protects against that. In addition, the safety drain allows a safe lowering, even at full weight load.

  • Extra large round shaped foot pedal for quick approach makes it safe and comfortable to use
  • Dual pistons which decreases the number of necessary strokes by 50 percent
  • Dust cover that protects the pistons and spring reducing the risk of damage caused by dust and dirt
  • Rubber saddle included protecting all surfaces and prevents slipping
  • Curved handle for increased comfort and accessibility
  • Steel and PU covered wheels ensures both excellent durability and silent handling
  • Useful tray located at the bottom of the handle for storage of tools, screws and nuts
  • Safety pressure valve preventing overloading
  • Safety lowering valve ensures safe lowering even at maximum load
  • Lifting Capacity: 2T (2000 kg)
  • Minimum Entry Level: 70 mm
  • Maximum Entry Level: 490 mm
  • Lifting Saddle: 119 mm
  • Number of Strokes: +/- 10
  • Frame Length: 790 mm
  • Height: 400 mm
  • Length: 180 mm
  • Width: 790 mm
  • Weight: 44.6 kg

Bahco is one is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of a huge range of professional hand tools. Bahco tools represent over 100 years of tool manufacturing and design. The company is truly one of the most innovative tool specialists, leading the way in the development of new ergonomically designed equipment.


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