Abrasive Combi Wheel ( 50mm x 30mm Grit 150)

5.99 Inc Vat




  • Abrasive Combi Wheel ( 50mm x 30mm Grit 150)
  • Alternating flaps of coated and non-woven material cut and finish in a single step
  • 1/4″ shaft provides stability to keep the wheel perpendicular to the work surface
  • Flexible web pads cushion each abrasive sheet to produce a professional brushed finish
  • Fits most standard die grinders with a 1/4″ collets

Scotch-Brite™ Combi-S Wheel is a unique finishing wheel composed of alternating Scotch-Brite™ non-woven flaps and aluminium oxide coated abrasive sheet. Conformable pads provide a large footprint and cushion the abrasive sheets to create a brushed, decorative finish.


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