3.2mm Flux Coated Bronze C2Fc Brazing Rods – 2.5KG

53.99 Inc Vat


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Flux coated silicon bronze rod for continuous brazing through not having to flux dip the rod. Ideal for general mild steel, galvanised steel, dissimilar joints and DIY enthusiasts. Can be used in the following industries: Automotive, tubular furniture, repair and maintenance DIY. 2.5KG Tube.

Technical Spec.

Melting Point: 875°C

UTS N/mm²: 420

Hardness BHN: 120

Current Type:

Recommended Gas: Oxygen/Acetylene

Diameter: 2.4mm

AWS: EN 1044 : CU 302

BS 1845 CZ6A 1453 C2

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