3.2mm – C9 TIG / Brazing Filler Rods 5KG
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3.2mm – C9 TIG / Brazing Filler Rods 5KG







A copper rod, containing 3% silicon and 1% manganese used for fusion welding materials of similar composition, copper alloys (brass) and for TIG brazing steels. It is also suitable for surfacing steel and dissimilar metal applications.

C9 Rods have a much lower melting point than standard A15 mild steel TIG wire and require only around half the welding current, so is ideal for applications where distortion can be a problem. The speed of operation is also nearly twice as fast as welding, so joining times can be halved and post weld treatment minimised.

Typically used on galvanized steel in the heating & ventilation industry, tubular product fabrication and marine/offshore industries because of it’s corrosion resistance. Also popularly used for TIG brazing cast iron, brass & bronze. Can also be used with Oxy/Acetylene for fusion welding of copper alloys.

  • CuSi3 (C9)
  • BS 2901 1990 Pt3 C9 CuSi3
  • 3.2MM
  • 5KG PACK

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