ARC Rods - Low Hydrogen

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Superon 312 - Engineering and Welding Supplies Cork

The extensive range of Superon arc welding electrodes are manufactured in India and offer many great features at exceptional value:

  • Stronger Arc Force
  • Better Penetration
  • Higher Strength Joints
  • No Cracking/Defects
  • Improved Fluidity Control
  • Faster Welding
  • Less Spatter
  • Best-In-Class Slag Removal
  • X-Ray Quality Welding

ARC Rods – Low Hydrogen

High Tensile Steel Electrodes

This group of electrodes is suited for welding all thicknesses of steel, either wrought or cast, and even high carbon variants, provided the appropriate pre-heat and post-weld heat treatment is applied. A moisture free chemically basic flux coating that is resistant to subsequent moisture reabsorption which ensures very low as opposed to low weld metal hydrogen levels* and thus the absence of weld metal and HAZ hydrogen embrittlement. (Note : very low hydrogen levels = H2 < 5 ml/100g; low hydrogen levels = H2 < 10 ml/100g)

Weld metal with low levels of oxygen and non-metallic inclusions which imparts great resistance to solidification cracking on exceptionally thick sections under great restraints. The higher the Mn-Si ratio, the greater the resistance to solidification cracking. For the class of electrode they represent, exceptional sub-zero toughness values are obtained, eg: general purpose types assure toughness values to at least -30 ºC, the higher manganese alloyed types to at least -50 ºC and the nickel alloyed types to -80 ºC. Both strength and toughness properties of the weld metal are maintained after most weld stress relief heat treatments.